It goes straight to the top

In an opinion piece for Fox News, a former spokesman for several American ambassadors to the United Nations says the United States did not rally support for Canada ahead of the security council vote. And that unnamed conservatives believe a grand conspiracy was afoot.

Some conservatives in Canada believe that the Obama team worked with Canadian liberals to leave Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s conservative government hanging without vocal U.S. support.  In the past, American ambassadors around the globe were instructed by Washington and led by the US Mission to the UN to work aggressively behind the scenes rallying capitals around the world to support certain countries in crucial Security Council elections.  At other times, vocal American support was needed to highlight a priority U.S. issue.  In Canada’s case, Rice chose to say nothing publicly and declined to lead a global campaign on behalf of our northern neighbor.  Her silence also seemed politically coordinated when Canadian Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff criticized his own country’s policies on climate change and its staunch support for Israel – policies the Obama team disagrees with.

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