Last week's standing contest

The good people at have tabulated MP attendance for last Wednesday’s (or last Thursday’s, as it were) C-38 votes.

Fourteen MPs missed five or fewer of those 157 votes: seven New Democrats, four Liberals, one Conservative, one Bloc MP and Elizabeth May. The NDP’s Fin Donnelly, Jasbir Sandhu, Jinny Simms and Mathieu Ravignat were present in the House for every single vote. Government House leader Peter Van Loan, the NDP’s Jonathan Tremblay and Ms. May* failed to register one vote each.

Among other party leaders, Bob Rae missed 34 votes, Stephen Harper missed 49 votes and Thomas Mulcair missed 58 votes.

Each of the parties was working in shifts of varying length and design—the Conservatives working with relatively short and relatively regimented cycles, the New Democrats seeming to use much longer intervals.

(*Ms. May was present for that vote and stood to register a vote, but due to some confusion over whether she was voting yea or nay, her vote was not counted.)

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