Magical Maxime

An anonymous Conservative explains Maxime Bernier.

“It’s useful in inspiring the base and broadening public debate,” said one Conservative. “He’s mostly harmless, especially since the media knows he doesn’t speak for the government. I love what he’s saying.”

Meanwhile, the NDP’s Thomas Mulcair thinks Mr. Bernier should be ejected from the Conservative caucus if he has expressed an opinion that Mr. Harper disagrees with. From Mr. Mulcair’s scrum on Monday.

The real question is how come he’s still there? Prime Minister Harper on the weekend tried to use provincial jurisdiction as a fig leaf but Bernier’s still sitting there in their caucus. When you’re a national political leader, you have certain responsibilities.One of them is to help maintain linguistic peace in these complex dossiers. Maxime Bernier has clearly staked out territory for himself. Now the only question is does Mr. Harper agree with him or no? If he doesn’t agree with him, he’s got to get rid of him.

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