Merry Christmas from the Commons

As a little present, here’s the leaked script to the first ad the Conservatives will begin running against Michael Ignatieff in the new year.


(Cue ominous music)

Voice over: Last November, our government released the economic and fiscal statement, otherwise known as the fall update. It was awesome.

But Michael Ignatieff insists on referring to it as the “autumn statement.”


Maybe that’s what they call it at Harvard. But here in Canada we Real Canadians know that the season between summer and winter is called fall. Because that’s what leaves do. And then we rake them into piles. And set them on fire.

They probably don’t do that at Harvard either. Probably think it’s “unsafe.” Or “not good for the environment.”


Michael Ignatieff. Talks like a nerd. Not in touch with Real Canadians.

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