Remember the last time the Conservatives were eager to see Justin Trudeau embarrassed on a public stage?

The Conservatives are apparently eager to see Justin Trudeau testify at the natural resources committee. Keith Beardsley thinks this is a bad idea.

I bet Justin Trudeau can’t believe his good fortune. In his wildest dreams he could never have imagined that a House of Commons committee would haul him in to testify about his comments even though they had nothing to do with natural resources. He must be jumping with joy at this request to appear before the committee. The Conservatives have handed him a gift. They have validated both his and the opposition parties attack lines. What better example of a draconian government that is abusive, heavy-handed and petty could they ask for?

The Trudeau campaign responds as follows.

Even though this government doesn’t respect Parliament, we do. And once we know the details of the request, Justin is open and looks forward to having this discussion and putting forward his position on natural resources and Alberta on the record.