'That's why I will be standing with Jack Layton'

NDP MP Glenn Thibeault, one of the dozen New Democrats who voted in favour of Bill C-391, seems to have had a change of heart. From the official release.

Sudbury MP Glenn Thibeault today announced his support for Jack Layton’s plan to find a compromise on the gun registry that brings rural and urban communities together.

“I went to Ottawa to work to make our community safer and stronger—not to drive it apart,” said Thibeault.  “That’s why I will be standing with Jack Layton, not Stephen Harper and Garry Breitkreuz, on the long gun registry.  We need to find a solution that brings rural and urban Canadians together and so far Jack Layton is the only one showing the leadership to do just that.”

… Thibeault had previously voted to send Bill C-391 to committee for a proper study and to learn more about the issue. Since then, countless conversations with experts and local constituents have convinced him that the Conservative position would be a step back for public safety, and that a new way forward was needed.

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