’The beginning of the end’

The Prime Minister talks about the latest developments in Libya.

“We have to be careful. . . This is the beginning of the end of the Gadhafi regime. I don’t say it is the end,” Harper said during a trip to the Arctic Tuesday. “We anticipate it will be at least a few days for the process of regime change to actually be in place…

“To this point, notwithstanding the fighting and the loss of life, there is good reason to be optimistic,” he said. “This is a revolution essentially affected from within. People have overturned a tyrant. We’ve seen the areas that the rebels control. We’ve seen life go on.”

He anticipates, the Globe reports, that the military mission will end in the “not-too-distant future.” Spencer Ackerman (and Matthew Yglesias) reminds everyone not to get ahead of themselves.