'This is our final opportunity to have this issue taken seriously'

Murray Brewster covers the last day of hearings at the Military Police Complaints Commission.

The issue of the treatment of Afghan prisoners has fallen off the political map, something Neve lamented.”We have tried so many different ways to have that issue taken seriously,” he said Wednesday just before the hearings concluded.

Gilles Duceppe said in December that the committee of MPs charged with reviewing documents related to the treatment of detainees would have something to release in January. After QP on Tuesday, he was reminded of that.

Reporter: Mr. Duceppe, back just before Christmas, you were saying that you expected that we would start seeing some of the Afghan detainee documents in January. We’re now in February.

Duceppe: Yes, yes. And I think it’s the time to make the point and I told my people we want to see those papers.

Reporter: Have you given a deadline?

Duceppe: We’ll discuss that tomorrow at the caucus.

Reporter: But you’re getting a little fed up, are you?

Duceppe:  Yes. Look at me. Read my lips.

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