This is the week that was

Libby Davies and Megan Leslie counted themselves out of the NDP leadership race. Paul Dewar thought about getting in. Peter Julian picked up two more endorsements. Thomas Mulcair lamented for his lot. Brian Topp challenged Stephen Harper, considered the Middle East and won two endorsements.

Bob Dechert was mocked. Lisa Raitt threatened back-to-work legislation. The government tabled its omnibus crime legislation, which the Liberals offered to amend. Charlie Angus chided Tony Clement, whose arse was covered by Deepak Obhrai. The Prime Minister rejected the Palestinian gambit and posed with the Benjamin Netanyahu. Peter MacKay exited a fishing trip and travelled to a lobster carnival in style. Planned Parenthood received government funding. David Cameron addressed Parliament. Vic Toews predicted the crime rate’s continued decline. We learned that Abousfian Abdelrazik nearly ended up in Guantanamo. And Don Davies took on Dick Cheney.

Paul Martin mused on fixing the world economy. Brian Brown looked forward to localist government. Chantal Hebert challenged MPs. Munir Sheikh considered the demise of the long-form census. Rob Silver proposed an end to the war on drugs. John Geddes tested the government’s crime legislation against reality. Mike Moffatt weighed the value of a vote. Alex Himelfarb measured our inequality. Scott Clark and Peter DeVries took stock of the tax code. And the Agenda compared political rhetoric and economic reality.

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