How to take your dining experience to the next level

Add a touch of style to any fine dining experience with San Pellegrino.
San Pellegrino
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Fifty-four per cent of Canadians eat out one or more times a week, and choosing a fine dining experience is often left for special occasions you want to remember forever. From poring over online reviews and MICHELIN ratings to scouring menus and reaching a consensus among your friends, planning a dinner out is a worthy, yet sometimes challenging, endeavour.

Whether it’s a neighbourhood haunt, the new trendy spot or a reservation booked months ago, a restaurant dinner always feels special. It’s an opportunity to be served attentively, savour delicious food and reconnect with your partner or friends after a long day. However, the dining
experience begins once you take your seat and are asked: sparkling or still?

A sophisticated pairing

As any foodie would attest, the right beverage is an essential ingredient to a tantalizing dining experience. With today’s increasingly diverse cuisines—think international flavours, gastronomic innovation and even climate-forward menus—picking a beverage that pairs well can be a bit daunting. After all, not many of us consider the drink menu when choosing between the restaurant that serves Wagyu beef tenderloin and the one known for lobster dashi. Thankfully, there is one beverage you can count on for simple sophistication and easy pairing. San Pellegrino carbonated natural mineral water complements every dish served at fine dining establishments.

It’s the perfect sip—a subtle taste with perfect pairing properties long enjoyed by fine dining lovers everywhere. The gentle bubbles and ideal mineral balance never compete with the flavours of your dish but rather enhance the taste and texture of each bite while refreshing the palate.

Chefs and sommeliers serve the iconic Italian brand at restaurants around the globe for a good reason. San Pellegrino adds sophistication to menus and elevates diners’ experiences. The drink naturally lifts the mood and encourages a convivial atmosphere. Topping up your partner’s glass with San Pellegrino is a nice touch (but if yours is topped up first, you won’t complain).Certainly, filtered water is great when you’re on-the-go, but it won’t deliver the special feel synonymous with San Pellegrino when its signature green bottle is brought to the table and attentively poured by your server.

The perfect choice for any occasion

San Pellegrino carbonated natural mineral water is known for pairing well with wine but is also a wonderful choice for the times you prefer to abstain from alcohol. A beverage meant to be savoured one luxurious sip at a time, the gentle bubbles induce a celebratory experience without the alcohol content. A little sparkle can go a long way here.

Sourced from the foothills of the Italian Alps since 1899, San Pellegrino water is bottled after it flows through the mountain rock for more than 30 years. The water is naturally enriched with minerals, making it a natural refreshment. It’s not only good for your health, but the Earth too. San Pellegrino is committed to sustainability and is certified with the Alliance for Water Stewardship, the global standard for sustainable management of water resources.
It’s little wonder that the brand has long been valued for its unique taste and elegance at the dinner table. By the early 1900s, San Pellegrino already had global reach, shipping to countries worldwide and solidifying its reputation as a premium player in food and drink culture. Today, San Pellegrino continues to believe in the transformative power of gastronomy by supporting the next generation of chefs hailing from all parts of the world through its San Pellegrino Young Chef Academy.

Going out for dinner is always a delightful occasion, so why not add a little extra sparkle to your table with San Pellegrino carbonated natural mineral water. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your dish—and your dining experience.

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