Dead Ringers’ Britne Oldford is stuck in a twisty twin love triangle

A Q&A with the Canadian actress about the bloody new Amazon Prime thriller
Madison Tevlin_3 (3)

Canadian YouTuber Madison Tevlin is starring opposite Woody Harrelson. Here’s how it happened

"She’s a badass chick who puts everybody in their place," Madison Tevlin says of her breakthrough role in the film ’Champions’
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The Power List: Denis Villeneuve wants to save the silver screen

With his unique ability to meld mass appeal and uncompromising artistry, Villeneuve has the best chance of pulling it off
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’Women Talking’ star Shayla Brown wants a more inclusive Hollywood

“The industry has come so far with respect to representation, but we’re still behind when it comes to people with disabilities.”
(Pictured): Iman Vellani. Photo by Irvin Rivera.

I used to dress up as Ms. Marvel for Halloween. Now I play her on TV.

“Marvel was all I ever talked about,” says Iman Vellani, a comic book fan from Ontario turned on-screen superhero
Lindsay Somers. (Photograph by Claudine Baltazar)

How Lindsay Somers takes the awkward out of on-screen nudity

As Canada’s first-ever intimacy coordinator, Somers helps TV actors get comfortable with getting frisky
(Illustration by Dominic Bugatto)

Eight blockbuster movie sequels coming out in 2022

New movies are back, but they’re all old
Diaz stars as Bing in "Scarborough" (Courtesy of Touchwood PR)

A tender moment of truth in the coming-of-age film ’Scarborough’

In a pivotal scene in this film adaptation, a young singer—struggling with his sexuality and nervous about opening up to his conservative Filipino family—finally gains the confidence to perform in front of his entire school
Fleming in Jamaica in 1964 (Harry Benson/Getty Images)

James Bond’s fantasy-driven history with Jamaica

Bee Quammie: Ian Fleming created Bond in Jamaica, and romanticized the country. Did he ever reckon with its realities?

James Bond: The evolution of an iconic franchise—and the coolest secret agent of all time

On the eve of Bond 25, Brian D. Johnson looks back at how 007 has changed with the times—from Connery’s droll menace to Craig’s tortured thuggery—while always remaining invincible and immune to any style but his own