Flight PS752

We all share this grief

Our editorial: On our cover this month, we offer a Farsi expression of condolence to illustrate a collective spirit of national devastation after the downing of Flight 752 in Tehran

Flight 752: A family torn apart

Abbas Saadat said goodbye to his family as they headed home to their lives in Edmonton. Don’t worry, they told each other. Life was good.

A nation’s loss: Victims of Flight 752

Fifty-seven Canadians were killed when their plane was shot down in Iran. They included scientists, students, newlyweds and children from across the country.

‘They were both go-getters’

Armin Morattab, 36, remembers his twin, Arvin Morattab, 1984-2020, and his sister-in-law, Aida Farzaneh, 1986-2020

‘Her heart was like the ocean’

Sisters Asieh Banisadr, 40, and Salmeh Banisadr, 40, remember their mother, Niloufar Sadr, 1958-2020

Walking in the footsteps of the victims of Flight 752

The Tehran air crash victims followed a path of hope to Canada. We learn much by walking in their footsteps.

‘They wanted a simple life’

Babak Ahmadi, 38, remembers his friends Razgar Rahimi, 1981-2020, and Farideh Gholami, 1981-2020, and his godson Jiwan Rahimi, 2016-2020

Arrests will only thwart investigation of flight PS752

Christine Negroni: Crash detectives rely heavily on people—operational staff, air traffic controllers, airline schedulers. People are the greatest resource.

To those who have perished since the Iranian Revolution

Marina Nemat: The time for democracy and fundamental change will come if war does not set fire to Iran

Prime Minister Trudeau provides update on Iran plane crash: Replay

The PM told reporters that multiple sources have confirmed that an Iranian missile likely brought down the Ukrainian International Airlines flight that crashed and killed 176 people

From joyous wedding to national tragedy

The aftermath of the Iran plane crash takes the form of heartbreaking recollections—many of them centred in Edmonton’s small Iranian-Canadian community

Justin Trudeau’s statement after plane crash in Iran: Full transcript

Everything Prime Minister Trudeau had to say at the press conference held after 57 Canadians were killed on Flight PS752 in Tehran, Iran