Fort McMurray

MacDonald on the bank of the Athabasca (Photograph by Serghei Cebotari)

Fort McMurray, the city that battles back

A string of calamities has revealed the resilience and sense of unity that Fort McMurray, Alta. spent decades building

Long after the fire, Fort McMurray residents are still battling insurance companies

But they’ve got an unlikely ally—a savvy, ’unpaid representative’ who is giving beleaguered homeowners a fighting chance against stingy insurers
Justin Trudeau

Trudeau says ’We’re all getting what we want’ on pipelines. He means nobody’s happy.

With the Liberals sliding in the polls, Trudeau’s middling stance on pipelines isn’t helping
BC wildfires 20170716

B.C. fires stir memories of Fort McMurray—and fear for the future

The evacuation of Williams Lake shows lessons of last year’s nightmare sank in. Good thing, because the wildfire threat across Western Canada is getting worse.

The wildfire baby who came back to Fort Mac

’Time really does heal,’ says Brielle Brunet’s mother Monique, on the eve of her daughter’s first birthday
Fort Mac Signs (Photograph by Amber Bracken)

Watch ’The Healing of Fort McMurray’ special anniversary broadcast

On the anniversary of the Fort McMurray fire, City Calgary and City Edmonton presented a special live broadcast about the fire’s aftermath

Fort McMurray fire evacuees on what they took when they fled

A year after the fire, residents of Fort McMurray reflect on the decisions they made that day about what to take with them, and what to leave behind
Fort McMurray Evacuee

Fort McMurray: One year later

Maclean’s interviewed four evacuees after the fire in Fort McMurray. One year later, we tracked them down to ask about the time that followed and how the fire affected their lives.

How big was the Fort McMurray fire?

A year after wildfires engulfed Fort McMurray, here’s a reminder of just how massive the fire area was
Fort Mac Signs (Photograph by Amber Bracken)

How ’Fort Mac Strong’ became a thing

The label sprang up spontaneously, on handmade signs and locally printed bumper-stickers. It never suited a town so well.