Geert Wilders

Party Leaders Meet In Parliament Following Election Result

In The Netherlands, a Pyrrhic victory against nationalism

Geert Wilders didn’t become The Netherlands’ PM—but a patchwork parliament and still-rising tides makes Mark Rutte’s win far from clear-cut
Germany Europe Nationalists

The meaning of a meeting of Europe’s leading nationalist minds

In Koblenz, Germany, the leaders of Europe’s nationalist movement unite for an awkward political spectacle

Europe’s far-right coalition in the works

Dutch firebrand Geert Wilders has been busy forging an angry alliance of far-right nationalist parties
Wilders against the Slavs

Wilders against the Slavs

The right-wing populist’s new website invites readers to complain about eastern European migrants
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Dutch politician acquitted of hate speech

Court rules Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam statements part of national debate over immigration policy
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Geert Wilders goes global

An international message
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Ashley Judd vs. miners, “Sonny” Franzese rats out his dad, and Shaun White finds another sport he’s brilliant at
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Holland’s anti-Islamic crusader

Winning votes with a message of religious intolerance
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The absurd trial of Geert Wilders

The Dutch state is prosecuting the platform of the country’s most popular opposition party