Hélène Laverdière

Hélène Laverdière: The speed-reading academic-diplomat

She’s the winner in the Most Knowledgeable category in Maclean’s 2017 Parliamentarians of the Year awards—thanks to her ‘photographic memory’

The Commons: The age of austerity, as not seen on TV

In light of spending cuts, perhaps a new advertising campaign is in order


Hélène Laverdière vs. Julian Fantino

The NDP’s International Cooperation critic explains her concerns with some of CIDA’s recent moves.

PHOTO GALLERY: NDP rock the House

Mitchel Raphael celebrates the season with the Opposition

Bill C-398 defeated

A sufficient number of Conservatives voted against Bill C-398 tonight to defeat the private members’ bill that was intended to make it easier to send generic medicine to developing countries.


Private members’ business

Kady O’Malley picks nine private members’ bills to watch. The case of Helene Laverdiere’s bill is the most interesting to me.


The case for Paul Dewar

The text of an email sent by NDP MP Hélène Laverdière to her riding volunteers, shortly after she endorsed Paul Dewar.


The endorsements

Hélène Laverdière and Hoang Mai pick Paul Dewar.


Goodbye to the NDS?

An interesting exchange—and perhaps even a straight answer—from Question Period yesterday.


Shadow shuffle

As noted from the outset of the race, any NDP MP seeking the leadership must give up his or her critic portfolio. The resulting shuffle to date goes as follows:

Party at Stornoway

The media mingled with NDP MPs at the garden party at Stornoway NDP MP Olivia Chow shows off a white chocolate Jack Layton moustache.