’If I had known what it meant for a woman to invade a man’s world I wouldn’t have been able to face it’

Agnes Macphail, the first woman to be elected to the House of Commons, on sexism in politics and daily life

This 1933 profile of Agnes Macphail captures how the first woman MP was perceived

’It had been rumoured erroneously that she believed in polygamy. It is now well established that she is sceptical of matrimony even in its simplest form.’
Operation Jubilee by Patrick Bishop

Canadians paid the price for British mistakes in Dieppe, says British historian

In his book Operation Jubilee, military historian Patrick Bishop offers a retelling of the raid during the war in 1942 and its cost to Canadian lives
First Spring Tent, 1978, by Napatchie Pootoogook Lithograph 51.3 x 67.5 cm (Courtesy of Dorset Fine Arts)

Our ancient ancestors may have been more civilized than we are

A new book offers a version of history in which we lived for thousands of years in large and complex societies without kings or cops
Shoes sit in front of the Parliament buildings during a ceremony on June 3, 2021 in Ottawa (Adrian Wyld/CP)

John A. Macdonald can wait

Stephen Maher: We are at the beginning, not the end, of a process of reassessing our history, and filling in the silences that are needed to get at the truth
The head of a statue of Sir John A. MacDonald in Montreal, in August 2020 (Graham Hughes/CP)

Burying Sir John A. Macdonald

The first prime minister will no longer be put on a pedestal as the debate turns to what to put up in his place

Margaret MacMillan in conversation with Paul Wells: Maclean’s Live

Canada’s most distinguished historian joins Maclean’s senior writer Paul Wells for a talk about momentous times—including the year 2020

The ’annoyances and insults’ of blackface in Canada—in 1841

From the very beginning in the 1840s, black citizens in Toronto fought to shut down performances by blackface clowns, and their efforts are well documented
US Soldiers march Sault Ste Marie Canada STRKAG

History lessons for Donald Trump after his Fourth of July speech

Maybe the U.S. president fell victim to a Teleprompter malfunction. Or maybe he didn’t know what he was talking about. Either way, we’ve got his back.
Authorities Arrest Suspect In Serial Mail Bombing Case In South Florida

At a tense time, a bomb scare has gripped America—just as it did a century ago

Cesar Sayoc has been arrested for allegedly sending mail bombs to Democratic figures, drawing telling parallels to a 1919 spate of terror in the U.S.