Ramsden convinced at least 15 different women that he was Mordechai Horowitz, a wealthy artist and the son of Holocaust survivors

My obsession with a serial liar

‘My research into a deceitful serial dater led me to a realization: I kind of understood him,’ writes Kathleen Goldhar, host of the podcast ‘Do You Know Mordechai?’

Maclean’s on the Hill: Let’s talk CANADIAN politics

On this week’s episode, we explore women in politics, and political debate — then and now

Maclean’s on the Hill: Catherine McKenna, Obama, beef, pot.

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This week on Maclean’s radio show: Highlights and talking points from the Conservative and Liberal policy conventions

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An audio briefing from the Maclean’s Ottawa bureau on a busy week in politics

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This week: One-on-one with Tom Mulcair, Brian Mulroney on the life and legacy of Ken Taylor, and a closer look at the campaign’s last weekend

The Biblipod: Ian Brown on ‘geezer lit’ and his new book, Sixty

Anne Kingston in conversation with Ian Brown

A Bibliopod Short Cut: Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert

Listen to a special Biblipod Short Cut: An interview with the author of Big Magic

Podcast: Science-ish tackles vaccines

Here’s Julia Belluz with pointed answers to reader questions

Podcast: A behind-the-scenes chat with two of our Olympic veterans

Pressing questions, including: what event are you most looking forward to covering? Also, what do you eat on the run?

Unravelling the universe

Why the Higgs boson discovery changed everything

Maclean’s archives: A special report from the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland