I grew up behind the grills at Burger Baron, Canada’s weirdest fast-food franchise

How a failed McDonald’s knock-off became an anarchic, freewheeling fast-food success for generations of Lebanese-Canadian immigrants

Toqué! cooks up a book

After 20 years, Montreal chef Normand Laprise publishes his first recipe collection

Italy’s ’swap meat’

In a tough economy, one Italian restaurant lets customers barter for their meals
@chef: the soup needs salt. Hello?

@chef: the soup needs salt. Hello?

Restaurants have a new nemesis: real-time food criticism in 140 characters or less
Standing up for women's rights

Standing up for women’s rights

A Vancouver restaurant urges its male customers to sit down
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Kitchen crusade

Peter C. Newman on a restaurateur to the rich who now wants to build schools in Africa
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Frequent diners club

Restaurant chains are rolling out airline-style rewards and points programs to fill seats
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The ’heart’ of Wasaga

Paul Vozoris the “wonderful heart of Wasaga Beach"
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Please pass the P.E.I. mussels

The BP oil spill is killing the local fishery—and making the region’s chefs search for creative alternatives
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Fine dining at a chain restaurant

Vancouver’s Cactus Club Café puts a lot of pressure on more expensive establishments