Xi Jinping

Trudeau responds to a question about China during a news conference outside Rideau Cottage in Ottawa on June 25, 2020 (CP/Adrian Wyld)

The next big threat facing the Trudeau Liberals: China

Stephen Maher: China’s increasing belligerence will require a tougher tone from Ottawa. The fate of the Liberal government may depend on it.
Staff distribute traditional Chinese medicine on Tuesday intended to treat COVID-19 at the Sanmin residential community in Wuhan, China, where six new cases were recently confirmed. (Xiao Yijiu/Xinhua via Zuma via CP)

Beijing has fuelled a huge trade in animal-based remedies. Is that where the pandemic began?

Terry Glavin: A study suggesting the coronavirus arose from trafficking in bat-derived concoctions is getting attention. So is the WHO’s role in legitimizing the business.
Students boycott classes in support of ongoing anti-government protests

Hong Kong protestors to democratic leaders: Stand up for us before it’s too late

’Hong Kong is the foreshadow of what will happen to the western world,’ warns one leading demonstrator. ’Whatever happens here is the first chapter’

While Hong Kong fights for democracy, Canada goes silent

Terry Glavin: ’We have emboldened China’s thuggish behaviours, because we haven’t done anything,’ says one organizer
Anti-extradition protesters rally before G20 summit

When the democratic world turned its back on Hong Kong’s freedom fighters

Terry Glavin: Leaders at the G20 ignored their plight. Now pro-democracy demonstrators are in such despair that some have resorted to suicide.

Trudeau’s unrequited love for China

Paul Wells: The Canada-China relationship is now a smoking rubble. It would be great if the Prime Minister had something to say about it.
queen elizabeth, donald trump, guards

The Queen is used to thin-skinned megalomaniacs. She can deal with Trump.

Her Majesty has already handled the thieving Ceauşescus and a plotting Idi Amin

Why Mike Pence is giving Xi Jinping the stink-eye in this picture

Image of the week: APEC leaders gathered in Papua New Guinea against the backdrop of a U.S.-China trade war. It did not go well.
19th National Congress Of The Communist Party Of China (CPC) – Opening Ceremony

Xi Jinping’s chilling grab for absolute power in China

Opinion: China is now a one-man dictatorship yearning to restore the archaic political norms of the country’s imperial past
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Visits China

Canada drops charade of progressive trade with China

Opinion: There’s now an opportunity for a serious reconsideration of the trade relationship between Canada and China