BTC: Giving comfort to the enemy

I try generally to refrain from analyzing these terribly serious matters from the unseemly perspective of partisanship. But it is surely a bad sign for the government side when Bob Rae is shadow-boxing like this in preparation for what promises to be a thorough thrashing in QP.“We focused our questions entirely on this security issue, saying that the government needed to do a review of security, needed to interview people about whether there had been any security breach,” Liberal foreign affairs critic Bob Rae told CBC Newsworld Tuesday.

“We were consistently told, first of all, that it was none of our business. Second, that we were nothing but snoops. Third, that we were prying into people’s private lives, and fourth, that the government had no intention of answering any of our questions,” Mr. Rae said.

“This kind of dismissive, arrogant attitude really speaks very poorly of the government … There has been a breach of security. The question is, how far does it go?”

That right there is the most damning of rhetorical questions. It needn’t even be answered. It kills by implication.

Remember here that, when all this began, Peter Van Loan tut-tutted that Bob Rae wasn’t leading the Liberal questions on this matter because he was far too classy to take part. At the time, Rae shook his head no. And now he appears eager to carry the fight.

What’s that they always say about it getting worse before it gets better?

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