BTC: 'None of my business'

On five minutes notice, the press gallery was just informed that the Prime Minister would be appearing in the House foyer to comment on the Foreign Affairs Minister. Descending the staircase, Stephen Harper paused only long enough to explain, in both official languages, that this business of Maxime Bernier’s love life is none of his business.

He took no questions.

(It was difficult to make out his full comments, but CanWest has the Prime Minister referring to Mr. Duceppe and Mr. Dion as “quite a group of gossipy old busybodies.” For the record, I have it on some authority that the NDP will not be pursuing this in Question Period. They’ve got real issues to look into.)

Meanwhile, the Globe adds Lawrence Cannon to the list of official reactions. A quick round-up of yesterday’s post-QP scrum comments.

Joe Comartin:  I don’t know. I mean obviously it would be a minor concern I mean if she’s not involved herself. I guess the real question is whether he knew of that type of relationship.  It certainly calls into judgment — you know, questions his judgment if he knew about it. If he didn’t, it’s one of the things that happens.

Dominic LeBlanc: I’m learning something from you. I don’t really know about women involved with organized crime. I’m learning something from you. I hadn’t heard that.

Gilles Duceppe: Is the matter official now? I think that would be certainly a good question to ask. We’ll ask those questions. We know the rumour is going around. We think it is just inadmissible. I wonder if there was a security check on that.  It has to — there’s no other choice than having a security check. It’s a lack of judgment not only of him but of the one who name him – I’m talking about the prime minister. And I think that this has to be clear and I know the rumours. I think we’re working on it also.

Stephane Dion: There’s certainly a concern. I don’t have any details so I will not comment in detail. I have no more idea than what you said. So, but certainly, Mr. Bernier needs to explain because we want to know if there were any matter of national security involved.

John Baird: I know nothing about that.

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