BTC: Speaking of diversions

As an addendum to yesterday’s column…

As an addendum to yesterday’s column

In the foyer after Question Period, a small mess of reporters were proving particularly keen on chasing whichever cabinet minister was unfortunate enough to be spotted. Poor Gary Lunn looked like he thought he was going to be mugged. At one point, a few individuals were dispatched to stake-out the men’s washroom, where apparently Stockwell Day had been spotted. (Showing surprising stealth, the Public Safety Minister still managed to escape capture.)

The cause of all this fuss? Apparently something to do with Maxime Bernier’s ex-girlfriend. The source, substance and certainty of the matter? Unclear at best.

The minister’s office released a statement, Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe promised to ask questions and Garth Turner made a coy blog post of it. But otherwise there was little in the way of reported clarity.

Then, posted apparently just short of midnight, this from La Presse (rough translation here). Suffice it to say, this promises to be a particularly lively Thursday. And one imagines few cabinet ministers will brave the foyer after QP.

(Mr. Bernier’s former companion was the subject of some discussion in the Globe a few weeks ago. And our own Capital Diarist has the ex in question standing beside government whip Jay Hill a couple months ago.)