BTC: Who, what, when and so on

So back once more to the morning’s Globe story and the assertion that Maxime Bernier tried to resign Monday morning, but was made to wait until it was slightly more convenient.

Mr. Bernier has since released a statement that notes, “Last Monday, I informed the prime minister of my resignation as Canada’s minister of foreign affairs as soon as I became aware of a security breach.”

On Monday it was reported in the Globe that the documents in question were returned to Foreign Affairs “late Sunday night.” The Star said Foreign Affairs was notified “over the weekend.” (The CBC confirms tonight that Foreign Affairs had the documents on Sunday.)

The government though is staying firm to the original timeline.“Sometimes journalists get things wrong,” Peter Van Loan asserted in the House this afternoon.

And here are answers, offered by Van Loan’s spokesman, to three questions emailed to his office earlier today.

Was Mr. Van Loan aware of Mr. Bernier’s resignation when he responded to questions in the House on Monday?


Was Mr. Van Loan aware of the timing of Mr. Bernier’s resignation, as reported by the Globe today, when he took questions in the House yesterday?

The timing is clear. The Prime Minister found out about the situation Monday afternoon. He acted immediately and made the announcement later that day.

Is it now Mr. Van Loan’s assertion that Jane Taber’s story in today’s Globe is incorrect?

Minister Van Loan’s answer in the House is clear. However, I can say that the Globe article is wrong.

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