The Toronto Transit Commission has turned down the opportunity to earn $250,000 in ad revenue from the adultery-facilitation website AshleyMadison.com. I’m a believer in religious and particularly irreligious freedom, but I suppose the TTC’s refusal is all right with me: one can find a secular justification in the observation that it is contrary to public policy to encourage the breaching of contracts. So my future promotional plans for CovetThyNeighboursAss.com are probably still good to go.

I really think the Star has buried the lede here though.

[TTC spokesman Brad] Ross said the TTC has advertising standards to adhere to and that it would take only five complaints from the public to pull any ad off its vehicles.

A policy like that seems an invitation to mischief, and possibly even extortion, that I don’t know if I could resist if I lived in Toronto…