Document dump: liveblogging the Bernier defenestration

So it was Bernier, with the documents, in the undisclosed location. I knew it!
Actually I totally didn’t know it. For the record, I’m the guy who showed up at the prime minister’s press conference, wearily assuring my colleagues that this couldn’t be about a ministerial resignation because if it was, we’d be at Rideau Hall for the emergency swearing-in.
Shows what I know. The minister left classified documents where he hadn’t, Stephen Harper told us, confirming that in the end, these stories always do wind up being about where you leave your briefs.
Nothing to do with girlfriends, Harper assured us. Some questions remained unanswered: what was the nature of these documents? Where did Bernier leave them? And why weren’t we at Rideau Hall? David Emerson is the new foreign minister, but there are ceremonial niceties that attach to that, and I’m a bit curious about whether those niceties have been attended to.
But these unanswered questions also went unasked, so the suspense will have to continue.
In the meantime, David Emerson is minister of trade, foreign affairs, Western infrastructure, and I forget what else. A Liberal comes in handy, apparently.

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