Kim Kardashian and Monica Lewinsky's Rabbi @ the DNC

This just in from the DNC, news both weird and random from the floor

Two days and no chair. At least there’s Kim Kardashian. Rumours abound that in addition to Eva Longoria (famous for her role as domestic tempress Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives) reality television starlet Kim Kardashian (famous for being famous) will also be making an appearance at the Democratic National Convention this week. That’s what Twitter says anyway…

However, “Club Hush” has yet to confirm the event (I called and the phone was disconnected), and the DNC has yet to comment on whether or not Kardashian will attend the president’s speech tomorrow night. If she does, it’s unlikely she’ll be sitting anywhere near Obama’s daughters:

In other weird convention news,

Monica Lewinsky’s former rabbi, David Wolpe, will give the benediction at the convention tonight, after former president Bill Clinton gives his highly anticipated  speech. Wolpe criticized Clinton heavily amid the Lewinsky scandal in the 90s, and called him a “child”.

Clinton has been keeping the details of his speech on the down low, leaving journalists wondering whether tonight’s evening program will include some kind of shenanigans to rival Eastwood’s at the RNC last week. But that’s a pretty tough act to follow.

In the mean time, here’s some vintage Clinton to get you excited.

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