Rise of the Conservative-Socialist Coalition (Scene 2)

From Bev Oda’s scrum after QP.

Question: How come it took only one word from either Michael Ignatieff or Jack Layton who’s not here but it took only one word to have them leave the place, how come your government wasn’t able to provide that and resolve the situation?

Hon. Beverley Oda: Well, I don’t agree. I think there are officers, law officers of the city of Toronto that were there present with the protesters, etc. I think there are probably members of the demonstration who were also concerned for their own lives being on a major highway in Toronto so consequently I don’t agree that it’s just a matter of –

Question: So why did you thank Jack Layton? Why did you —

Hon. Beverley Oda: Well, he did play a useful role yesterday in diffusing some of the increased temperament that was rising.

Question:(Inaudible) the opposition or was the government involved in any way?


Hon. Beverley Oda: The government has been monitoring the situation. I’m not sure with the Liberals – I’m not aware but I know that our Prime Minister spoke with Mr. Layton and they shared mutual concerns about the demonstration and what’s happening in Sri Lanka.