Stephen for Seborga

Bit late to this, but Progressive Conservative Senator Elaine McCoy has some offered some free counsel to the Prime Minister.

As Prime Minister Harper continues to flog his canard * about the Senate blocking his legislation, one wonders what his true aspirations might be.  Zero opposition?  Leader for life, even?  Perhaps he’s been studying the life and times of Prince Giorgio I, elected prince of Seborga, who recently passed away.  Known as ‘His Tremendousness’, Prince Georgio reigned supreme for 46 years.  Quite an attractive role model, for those inclined to complain about dissenting opinions…

But now there’s a vacancy.  Who will start the newest Facebook campaign – Stephen for Seborga?  It certainly has a satisfying ring to it, I’m sure you’ll agree.

It behooves us to note that according to leading constitutional scholars, Mr. Harper is not in fact a dictator or royal ruler.

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