The horror, the horror

Glen Pearson thinks of Apocalypse Now.

Because of such influence, the characters in Apocalypse Now all went crazy in a war they ultimately lost for lack of clear and moral direction.  Michael Ignatieff knows that and distrusts this kind of rationale.  Canadians right now are smelling the lake at the cottage, the anger of lost EI benefits, or the fear of untreated cancer symptoms.  Politics in Canada at present hardly needs the “turks” standing amidst this chaos and overlooking the mayhem they are creating.  Napalm, schmapalm. We need good governance and patience, not toy soldiers devoid of reality.  Michael Ignatieff will not go to war on such misguided advice, unless Stephen Harper fails to give an account this week.  For inspiration, Ignatieff looks to Lester Pearson, not Marlon Brando.  Count on it.

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