So here is how budget day will work at Macleans.ca.

At this very moment, our Paul Wells, Andrew Coyne, John Geddes and Philippe Gohier are sequestered in a downtown Ottawa conference room with various other journalists, bureaucrats and government officials, scrutinizing at length the federal budget. They will be freed at 4pm and will burst forth with all sorts of news and analysis. So you have only to hold your breath for another three hours.

I, possessing only rudimentary math skills, am not in the lock-up and am instead skipping joyfully around the capital, delighting in the freedom of movement that is allowed when most everyone else is being held captive. I’ll be in the House for Question Period at 2pm, in the foyer for scrums afterward and then back in my seat for the budget speech by Jim Flaherty at 4pm. Some sort of written account will follow.