From the backbench

More Twitter commentary from last night and this morning.

Siobhan CoadyOh Mr. Harper, what have you done to our country?

Carolyn Bennettstill thinking that for a billion dollars we could have had a University Campus with a medical school in Huntsville or the Near North

Daryl Krampattended a immigrant laguage graduation-grateful and appreciative of Canada-what a contrast to attitude of violent criminal protesters-sick … black clad criminals do a diservice to the cause of legitimate protest.-behind the mask is thuggery rather than honest principles of dissent

Bryon WilfertMaster Cpl. Kristal Giesebrecht and Pt. Andrew Miller killed by an IED in Afghanistan. People allowed to demonstrate because of these heroes … The Black Bloc – anarchists – attack symbolism of capitalism. Legitimate demonstrations overshadowed by these thugs. They hide their faces.