Great moments in discretion

Randomly selected quotes from Question Period on May 8, 2008.

Maxime Bernier. “Mr. Speaker, I never thought that I would be the victim of such a low, meanspirited attack by an opposition party. This is my private life people are talking about.”

Peter Van Loan. “Mr. Speaker, I am sure you would agree that if the House of Commons lowered itself to spending its days inquiring into the private lives of the members, our country would be a much sadder place.”

Peter Van Loan. “Mr. Speaker, it was Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who said, ‘The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.’ The deputy leader of the Liberal Party is clearly no Pierre Trudeau.”

Peter Van Loan. “Mr. Speaker, it is quite clear that these are politically motivated, personal attacks on someone’s private life, which have no place in the House of Commons.”

Lawrence Cannon. “Mr. Speaker, all the members of this House have a public life and all members are also entitled to their private lives. Everyone has the right to privacy and a private life, be they ministers, journalists or dentists.”

Lawrence Cannon. “Mr. Speaker, the Minister of Foreign Affairs is doing remarkable work in a very difficult job in our country. He deserves our encouragement and support. He definitely does not deserve this suspicion and these insinuations.”

Peter Van Loan. “I should confess that I am not surprised that the Liberal Party continues to engage in deep personal attacks that are not matters of government business. If anybody’s judgment as to their personal partners is something that people disagree with, I do not think that is a matter of government business.”

Peter Van Loan. “Mr. Speaker, this is a question that should not be answered here. It should not be asked here. It should not be asked now. It should not be dealt with ever in this kind of forum.”

Peter Van Loan. “This entire line of questioning is indecent.”

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