This is the week that was

The House debated Libya and the meaning of regime change. The opposition demanded to hear from the President of the Treasury Board. Charlie Angus mocked Tony Clement. Then mocked him again. And again.

Jack Layton took his place in Twitter history. A former Liberal MP worried that Parliament wasn’t serving Canadians well. Ruth Ellen Brosseau was applauded. Elizabeth May dissented. Mr. Clement looked on the bright side and clarified what he meant by “anachronistic” and dismissed what he’d said about user fees. The ethics commissioner suggested a code of conduct for MPs. Peter Stoffer proposed a ban on floor crossing. The youngest MP in history made his maiden remarks.

Alison Loat considered diversity in the House. Rhys Kesselman considered Conservative tax reforms. Kate Heartfield considered civility. John Geddes profiled Jack Layton.

The governor of Kandahar quibbled with Stephen Harper. The National Research Council’s budget was cut by 20%. The Green Infrastructure Fund was cut by $45 million. Mr. Harper’s push for senate reform got even messier. The NDP’s existential crisis continued. And the Afghan detainee documents remain untabled.