Trump Poetry

Trump attends the United States Coast Guard Academy Commencement Ceremony in Connecticut

The Bad Poetry of Donald Trump, Vol. 4

Scott Feschuk unleashes Donald Trump’s inner slam poet. Witness a world leader’s actual words, reimagined for an open mic night near you.
President Trump Meets With House Deputy White Team At The White House

The bad poetry of Donald Trump, vol. 3

Scott Feschuk finds inadvertent and revealing poetry in the President’s recent remarks
President Donald Trump

The inadvertent poetry of Donald Trump, Vol. 2

You might not expect to find poetry in a president’s speech to a room of police chiefs. But it’s impossible not to see it in Trump’s remarks.

The poetry of Donald Trump, vol. 1

There can be a kind of poetic timbre and flow to Donald Trump’s word-jumble ramblings, finds Scott Feschuk