An awful, terrible man we were once quite eager to make prime minister

December 12The Liberals “have made a commitment to the coalition to get the economy on the right track for Canadian families,” NDP Leader Jack Layton said in a prepared statement. That commitment included Ignatieff’s signature on a piece of paper, Layton said. “Every Liberal and New Democrat member of Parliament has signed a letter to Her Excellency the Governor General stating that they collectively and individually lost confidence in the government and were committed to governing together.”

December 17Yesterday, Layton said he met Ignatieff and had a good discussion. “The coalition continues as a very significant presence in the debate that’s taking place now.” On a lighter note, asked whether he has a Christmas present for Ignatieff, Layton said he’ll probably frame the coalition agreement and give it to him.

TonightNDP National Director Brad Lavigne set the stage for an election war for the left with the Liberals by suggesting Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was into torture, into Iraq and out of the country … “Mr. Layton has written a book about investing in Canadians and their communities. Mr. Ignatieff has written books defending torture,” said Lavigne. “Mr. Ignatieff has defended and supported the war in Iraq … If Mr. Ignatieff or Mr. Harper were prime minister in 2004, Canada would still be in Iraq today.”

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