Week Four

This is the week that was. Week One of the campaign was recounted here. Week Two was recounted here. Week Three was recounted here.

Michael Ignatieff explained how democracy works. Stephen Harper refused to agree and rejected the question of compromise. Ned Franks clarified the situation. Brad Wall felt it necessary to impart his own wisdom. John Duffy wondered if Mr. Harper remembered Mackenzie King.

Mr. Ignatieff addressed Edmonton and heard the concerns of British Columbians. Mr. Harper spoke to the faithful in Campbell River.

Jack Layton talked to Peter Mansbridge. Michael Ignatieff talked to Nardwuar and chatted with me. And then took to the Easter airwaves.

Brad Trost claimed the Harper government had defunded Planned Parenthood. Bev Oda said Planned Parenthood was welcome to apply for funding. Mr. Trost insisted that what he’d said was correct. There was debate over the precise condition of Mr. Layton’s hip and Mr. Harper’s exact feelings for public health care. Mr. Harper fretted about national unity. The CAW and the Conservative campaign focused their respective efforts. Various Liberals were prank called. The NDP quibbled with the latest Conservative ad. And Conservatives shouted down a reporter’s question.

Ads, ads, adsadsads and more ads.

Mr. Ignatieff promised a first ministers’ meeting on health care and a freshwater strategy.

Mr. Layton promised a fine for unduly absent MPs.

Four of the five parties explained their policies on the north and the environment.

Sarah Millar considered the student vote. Michael Veall questioned sudden polling changes. And economists wondered about the Conservative side’s promised cuts. And Susan Delacourt heard a profound question in Kitchener.

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