AI avatars will be the new customer service reps

They’ll help us shop, bank and book travel

Machines will read our minds

AI brain sensors will translate our thoughts into speech, text or even other languages

Robots will help cure lonelines

Social companions can read emotions and help with daily tasks
14_Sex bots

The sexbots are coming

In the next year or two, we’ll have sophisticated, purpose-built bots designed for relationships, sex and intimacy

AI-enabled scams will proliferate

Ultra-realistic digital trickery will help fraudsters deceive people on an entirely new scale
4_University essay

The university essay will die out

AI will replace traditional forms of academic assessment—and create new ones

Political deepfakes will spread confusion and misinformation

The more confusion these deepfakes sow, the more people will accuse each other of faking everything. You’re not going to believe what you see. You’re going to disbelieve what you don’t like. 

Autonomous weapons will threaten humanity

Militaries will use AI to wage deadlier biological and chemical warfare. But what if the technology turns against us?

Machines will make our food tastier and healthier

AI algorithms can reduce food waste,  add more nutrition and solve some of our restaurant-staffing woes
10_Personal medicine

Personalized, preventive medicine is on its way

We’ll use machine learning to predict illness before it starts, reducing pressure on the health-care system