This is the week that was

Brian Topp won another endorsement. Romeo Saganash called for change. Thomas Mulcair launched his campaign. Rob Silver and Greg Fingas considered Mr. Mulcair’s chances.

The United Nations found evidence of torture in Afghanistan. The Prime Minister demurred in regards to the Ontario election. Lisa Raitt mused vaguely of amending the Labour Code and blocked a strike at Air Canada. Tony Clement promised open government. Newfoundland and the Yukon stuck with their incumbents. Bruce Carson left behind some bills. And Canadian conservatives fell just short of a symbolic majority.

The Finance Minister suggested the 2008 election call wasn’t the best idea and empathized with the Occupy Wall Street protestors (who set their sights on Canada). The Liberals complained that the House was being disrespected. The government cut jobs and funding. Justin Trudeau took himself out of the race to lead the Liberals. Jason Kenney referenced Fidel Castro to defend George W. Bush. Stephen Harper lectured the world and worried about Iran. The House of Commons is getting an unspecified number of new MPs.

Ilona Dougherty defended the young voter. Robert Asselin worried about our democracy. Kate Chappell reported from the polling station. Brian Topp considered the Occupy Wall Street movement. Jim Flaherty championed public service. Scott Clark and Peter DeVries targeted EI premiums. Stephen Gordon argued against taking further action to create jobs. Susan Delacourt speculated about the end of the Liberal party. Stephen Clarkson plotted the demise of centrism. Jane Hilderman called for accountability.

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