big idea

Big Idea: Capture Carbon From the Air

Companies need to stop their emissions from polluting the skies. Direct air capture can help absorb what’s already up there.

Big Idea: Protect Nurses in the Workplace

Nurses regularly face physical and emotional abuse on the job. An employment protection called presumptive care would give them the support they so desperately need.

The Case For Refugee Reception Centres

Asylum seekers are arriving in Canada in record numbers, sleeping in shelters, churches and sometimes on the street. Reception centres are a more humane approach. 

A photo of a row of houses under construction. The sky above them is blue.

The Big Idea: Give essential workers cheap housing

Teachers, daycare workers, firefighters and nurses keep our cities running. Too bad most essential workers can’t afford to live in them.

An illustration of a grey safe with stacks of bills inside

The Big Idea: How open banking can fix Canada’s financial security issue

Canada’s risk-averse banking system is full of potential dangers for customers. A simple security update would change everything. 

Canada’s food-waste problem is out of control. Here’s how to break the cycle.

Sixty per cent of Canada’s food is thrown out every year. Together, we could drive that number down to zero.

The Big Idea: Investing in “sponge cities” can mitigate the toll of climate change

Serious flooding is in our future—here’s one way we can take it on

Big Idea: To fight wildfires, bring back preventative burns

For centuries, Indigenous fire keepers kept forests clear of fuel. It’s time to fight fire with fire once again.

The Big Idea: Help seniors age at home

“Seniors want to continue to live among young people and families—not just play golf or be entertained to death”

(Illustration by Pete Ryan)

How physician assistants can help solve Canada’s health-care crisis

They can be a lifeline for patients and doctors alike. But right now, only 800 are certified in Canada.